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Performance Sports Nutrition - KRE-ALKALYN XTREME - 120 capsules

Creatine helps improve performance during explosive efforts. The result of this is a stimulation of muscle growth/(fat-free) muscle mass. Conditions for this beneficial effect is that a minimum intake of 3 grams of creatine per day is taken.

  • More power with explosive efforts
  • Stimulates muscle growth/(fat-free) muscle mass during explosive power efforts
  • Specially (out) balanced for athletes
  • Daily use can enhance/increase the effect of muscle strength training in people over 55 years of age.
  • Convenient to take and dose by means of capsules.
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    Kre-Alkalyn XTreme from Performance: A top product

    What exactly is that: creatinine
    The "normal" creatine supplements have side effects that can be annoying and painful. We are talking about cramps, diarrhea and fluid retention. Many of these side effects are not caused by the creatine itself, but by the conversion of creatine to the toxic substance creatinine. The body naturally wants to remove this toxic substance and responds by withdrawing fluid from the muscles and intestinal tract.

    Kre-alkalyn Xtreme: the new technology!

    Kre-alkalyn does not turn into creatinine. This has to do with the pH value of the liquid in which creatine dissolves. A liquid with a low pH value will convert creatine to creatinine much faster than a liquid with a high pH value. Remarkable is the fact that, once the pH value of 7.0 is exceeded, the conversion to creatinine slows down and even stops completely from 12.0. PERFORMANCE Kre-Alkalyn Xtreme remains perfectly stable in water, fruit juice or in a normal liquid because it is buffered with an alkaline with a pH value of more than 12.0, for the connoisseurs among us.

    Creatine increases physical performance in successive series of short, high-intensity exercises.

    Nutritional value
    Kre-Alkalyn XTreme from Performance nutritional values:
    /5 caps
    Kre-Alkalyn® - Creatine 3 gram
    Kre-Alkalyn XTreme from Performance ingredients: Kre-Alkalyn®: Creatine monohydrate, capsule: gelatin, dye: indigotin

    Directions: Take 5 capsules daily with water. On training days 1 hour before training.

    Storage advice

    Keep cool and in a dry place.

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