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Nutrend - HMB 4500 - 100 capsules
HMB 4500 (calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) is a very popular and coveted product among athletes looking for a muscular, well-formed figure.
  • 900 mg HMB per capsule
  • Product that results from the breakdown of the essential amino acid L-leucine
  • Contributes to the build-up and recovery of muscle mass
  • It is recommended to combine it with creatine for greater effect and better absorption of creatine
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What is HMB
HMB is an abbreviation for hydroxymethylbutyrate or 3-hydroxy-3-methylbutanoic acid. A mouthful. After processing the amino acid L-leucine, this is the product that arises after combustion.

Increase muscle mass and strength!
When cells in the body burn proteins that contain leucine, HMB is created. It is quite popular as a dietary supplement among strength athletes. It increases muscle strength and increases muscle mass if you take it in the right dosage. In addition to these benefits, it protects and repairs your muscles after a hard workout.

As much as 900 mg per capsule
HMB is produced in small amounts in the body as a metabolic product that results from the breakdown of the essential branched chain amino acid L-leucine. However, the intake of L-leucine should be too great to achieve the desired effect. For this reason, the product is made in an ideal and accessible form and consists of 900 mg of HMB per capsule.

Combine with creatine
We recommend combining HMB 4500 with creatine so that it contributes even more to the building and recovery of lean muscle mass. In addition, HMB also contributes to creatine being absorbed even better in those muscle fibers. Many benefits in a small pill!

Intended for :
Athletes who train at high intensity

Nutritional value
Nutrend HMB 4500 nutritional values:

100 g

5 capsules

3-hydroxy-3-calcium methyl butyrate

87 g

5355 mg

of which 3-hydroxy-3-methylbutyrate (HMB)

73 g

4500 mg

1 capsule: 1231 mg
Net weight: 123.1 g
Recommended dosage: The daily dose for athletes is 5 capsules. Training days: take 3 capsules 60 minutes before training and 2 capsules immediately after training. Non-workout days: Take 3 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and 2 more capsules approximately 30 minutes before lunch. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Use: Swallow the capsules with plenty of water or a sports drink; alcoholic drinks and milk drinks are not suitable. Do not chew the capsules. Once opened, store at a temperature no higher than 25 ° C and use within 3 months.
Nutrend HMB 4500 Ingredients: 3-hydroxy-3-calcium methyl butyrate, gelatin capsule (gelatin capsule , titanium dioxide coloring agent).

HMB 4500


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