Cash register views and loyalty points

Communication Reward points: We have stopped the loyalty system.

The saved loyalty points can just remain redeem but you cannot save a loyalty points. Pay attention! The points are valid for 1 year after edition, then they canceled.

Cashes gifts: choose A nice fitness gift with your order

do you spend more than € 20.00? Then you can go to the check-out Cute fitness gift. These vary per week, but are always in Share in the following three categories:

Sport accessories
We give functional sports accessories away from House or Nutrition or one of the brands we sell. Handy during exercise and Also nice to give away to your sports buddies.

Tastes differ and everyone reacts slightly different Specific sports nutrition. That is why we give away samples from most products from our assortment. You can try everything free of charge.

Are you already saturated in the field of samples and Merchandising? Then you can also opt for extra loyalty points. We give 20 loyalty points away per order. Do you want to know what we will give away at the moment? Order a Product and come after it!

To change your saved loyalty points.

Have you collected more than 40 loyalty points? Then you can do them Cash at your next purchase. You will receive € 2.50 discount per 100 loyalty points. This works as follows:

  1. View your saving balance: Login and view how many loyalty points have been awarded to your account. You can find your savings balance under the button: Reward points provided that you are logged in.
  2. Buy new supplements: Select products for you sports goal and place them in the shopping cart.
  3. Go to your shopping cart: click on the 'shopping basket' button so that you An overview of the products you want to order.
  4. KEN Saver points: Click in the product overview in the Shopping basket on the 'Redeem saving points' button and enter the number of loyalty points That you want to exchange this order.
  5. Take care of the order with a payment.
  6. Enjoy your next workout! Of course with support of your new top quality supplements.

Additional Game rules about redeeming

  • loyalty points are valid for 1 year. We count from the date that You have earned the loyalty points.
  • loyalty points can be redeemed from 40 pieces. There is no limit on the number of loyalty points that you can use.
  • You will only receive savings points on the amount that Remaining after subtracting the exchanged loyalty points.
  • loyalty points you can use for all products.
  • on products that are on sale you will receive no loyalty points.
  • reducing saving points in combination with an action or Discount code is not possible.

Note! If you were redeemed under the amount Free shipping comes then we count shipping costs. So kien well When and how many loyalty points you change at a time.

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