Know what you take: Isolate vs. Casein

Marco Verhoek
13 December 2022
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When you ask an athlete You are almost always told which supplements he or she uses use whey proteins. Every athlete knows that proteins are a valuable one Addition to the feeding schedule. Unfortunately we still see too often that this one athletes do not know what the value of whey proteins are and what the Exactly entail different forms. In this article we make the difference out between whey and casein.

whey (whey) isolate is so popular Because the amino acids from this isolate become very quickly in the circulation recorded and therefore fairly immediately available for the muscles. So the Start protein synthesis quickly and there is a defect in your body for less long On the so important amino acids. By taking whey isolate you take care of it Before your muscles do not break down quickly (catabolic phase) but correct About the right means to grow (anabolic phase).

Casein is also a slow protein called because the absorption of the amino acids takes much more time.

different types of proteins

Not every protein is the same, there are Many different types of proteins, each of which is just just different! Like this Device the protein shakes in purity and speed of absorption.

The most famous proteins are Whey proteins, isolate, concentrate, hydrolisate, casein, micellar casein, Caseinate, soy proteins, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate and egg protein. In this article we only discuss protein isolate and protein casein, 2 Popular and valuable proteins for strength trainers.

What are whey proteins?

We already have whey proteins Handled once in an article on our website. Short described: whey proteins (Wei Protein Concentrate = WPC) consist of concentrated whey proteins. Due to the purity and the amino composition, the absorption in your body lies between The 70% and 85%. Especially this high recording rate, in combination with the fact that These proteins can be purchased almost everywhere, makes it one of the most Popular protein supplements.

What is whey isolate?

Nowadays you have a lot Different whey eggs. The most famous are Whey Concentrate, -solate and hydrolitate. Whey isolate is undergoing an extra adaptation where It gets rid of fats and carbohydrates. For example, whey isolate contains virtually none Milk sugars and there are more proteins per 100 grams than the Whey concentrate. The Whey Isolate is more expensive, due to the extra processing. The biggest advantage From whey isolate is that it is absorbed in the body faster and the one Higher insuliner sponge. The big advantage is therefore that it immediately after The training can be taken to prevent muscle breakdown.

whey isolate you use when you are lactose intolerant or if you have a slow metabolism. Whey isolate is In one of these situations extremely suitable because this product almost lactose is free. Natural carbohydrates and fats are filtered out by one Filter system (cold process). These proteins are so pure that your intestinal tract relatively little effort to process the proteins. This is ideal For people with a strict diet and for people who in competition preparation are. Whey isolate is also interesting if you train very often. For in the evening hours we recommend a slower protein, so that there is a longer benefit from the Protein intake.

m Double You advises Enzyme Lactase for people who are lactose intolerant. Then your problem is immediately resolved.

What is casein?

Casein protein consists of large Protein chains. Your body needs more time to digest them. Casein has The advantage that the body is provided with for a longer period of time amino acids. On the other hand, whey isolate has a faster recording. Casein is often used after an evening training to take care of Enough amino acids all over the night. After 4 to 6 hours you still have a stable and raised amino acid level.

Casein is for people who have a fast have metabolism. Your body is then very quickly processing the protein. Are you hungry quickly after eating your lunch or dinner and/or useful With ease more than 3500 calories per day? Then there is a good chance that you You can use better casein than isolate. Casein is also ideal for people who take a protein shake before sleeping to provide their bodies at night of the required proteins.

The question of which supplement is better, is therefore irrelevant. They are in fact 2 different products that you are for others reasons used. Often these different proteins are also combined to make a perfect mix.

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