5 questions about having breakfast answered

Nancy Heijnis
22 March 2022
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5 Questions about having breakfasts answered

On the internet there is already a lot of written about breakfasts. One study shows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in the next study you read about a diet where breakfast is delayed. What about this? And what is a healthy breakfast and how many calories can it contain breakfast? We have answered the 5 most frequently asked questions about breakfast.

What is a healthy breakfast?

Breakfast is often the poor child among meals. Often it has to do with lack of time, no hunger in the morning or many do not know what they can eat best for breakfast. Because what is a healthy breakfast? A healthy breakfast is a breakfast that includes many good nutrients. That means that the breakfast carbohydrates,  Proteins Contains , fats, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. A healthy breakfast does not contain quick sugars or too many saturated fats. Fast sugars are good for an energy boost, but this peak in blood sugar levels is short-lived. In addition, fast sugars ensure that you get hungry again quickly.

How many calories breakfast?

That is different for everyone else. No body is the same. First of all you can calculate your calorie needs with the help of a calorie calculator. Once you know your daily calorie needs, you can spread your calories about the number of meals that you eat daily.

For example:

a 30 year old man , 180 cm long and 80 kg requires 2246 calories every day. This man eats 3 large meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2246/3 = 749 calories per meal.

Why is breakfast important?

Breakfast is important to different reasons. After a night sleep, your blood sugar levels is low and your body needs new energy. Energy removes your body from food, so it’s best to start the day with a nice healthy breakfast. In addition, your digestion is immediately helped to have breakfast by having breakfast. Also a healthy breakfast ensures that you get less trek in snacks during the day, you can concentrate better and you start the morning directly with a rest.

What time is best to have breakfast?

Opinions about what time you can have breakfast are quite different. The one study shows that you can have breakfast within an hour after you have risen, while researching the diet intermittent deferse shows that you can also have breakfast around 12:00 or 13:00. The Intermittent Diet Diet states that you get less calories per day by eating in a shorter time frame. Ultimately, it is best that you can do: listen to your own body. Do you get hungry in the morning? Breakfast then immediately. Do you really have no trek in food? Then it’s not a disaster to postpone breakfast.

What is a good filling breakfast?

Of course you don’t want to be hungry after breakfast. Therefore, make sure you eat a good satiety breakfast! A good filling breakfast consists of various healthy nutrients such as carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, proteins and fibers. An example of a good filling breakfast is, for example, a cup of cottage cheese with fruit and nuts. Nuts are packed with proteins, unsaturated fats and fibers. Seeds and seeds such as chia seeds or pumpkin seeds also ensure that you stay saturated for a few hours and are perfect to mix through your cottage cheese. Other well-filled breakfasts are wholemeal bread with avocado or a plate of oatmeal with fruit and nuts. Looking for a nice easy but well-filling breakfast? Try our Protein Pancakes from Scitec Nutrition  or the special Diet Whey from Applied Nutrition. Super fast ready and super tasty! Always drink enough water at breakfast, because that also ensures that you will have a good saturated feeling!

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