Peanut Butter overnight oats

Nancy Heijnis
25 January 2022
1 people
10 minutes

Today (January 24) is the national peanut butter day and we naturally celebrate that with a peanut butter recipe. Peanut butter is widely used in the bodybuilder and fitness world and that owes it to the good nutritional value. Peanut butter consists of 40% fat, of which 79% unsaturated fats that are healthy for you. This spreadable ‘gold’ is also good for around 25 grams of proteins per 100 grams.

This peanut butter overnight oats are super easy to prepare. You do have to be patient, because as the name of the recipe already suggests, this recipe should have a night in the fridge to stiffen.


1 dl oat flakes
1 spoon chia seeds
1 pinch salt
1 DL unsweetened almond milk
1 dl Njie milkshake white chocolate and Raspberry
0.5 dl Fresh blueberries
0.5 dl fresh raspberries
1 spoon peanut butter

Optional: pieces of walnut or cashew nut


beaten the oat flakes, chia seeds, salt, njie milkshake and almond milk together. Let this stand in the fridge for a few hours or all night. You can then garnish the overnight oats with the fruit, peanut butter and possibly notes.

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