A fresh start in 2022: This way you keep your good intentions full

Britt Hillaert
6 January 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Why good intentions again quickly in the trash flying

Let us first reflect on the fact that good intentions often fail. Most of the dropouts is killed after less than two weeks. There are explained here for several reasons, as is often too big and ambitious plans. There are too many good intentions made at one time or intentions are not specific enough.

Create your fitness plan concrete!

This year, toss it so a different approach. Make your fitness plans concrete. The clearer the plan, the more likely it is to succeed. Check if your goal is measurable, realistic and manageable. 10 kilos in January, creating a six pack or five kilos in muscle arriving in January is obviously unrealistic. However, you can divide this goal into smaller steps, such as every month or lose a kilo a month arrive half a kilo of muscle mass. So Achieve you keep your small goals and motivates eventually the general objective to be achieved.

Change intends habits

For your goals really persist in the long term, it should are converted into habits. Therefore, you should replace your current pattern for a new pattern. Were you a first hour television every night? Replace this to work out an hour. At you after your supper often less healthy snack? Look for responsible snacks that you like and replace less healthy snack. It takes on average 66 days to get a habit to. Hold on!

Reward yourself

As may be rewarded the hard work! If you intend your fitness insists should you be certainly proud of, because soon on most hooks. Reward yourself at the weekend agreed with a less healthy but tasty meal. One unhealthy meal you will not fat, just as your one healthy meal is not thin. You do yourself of course not only to indulge in food, but you can also think of new fitness accessories or sportswear .

Where do you often encounter?

A good preparation is key. Note the pitfalls that you think are against. These feelings or thoughts that may keep you to achieve your goal. For example: “I’m too tired to exercise” or “I’m late home from work.” Underestimate obstacles are and try to notice on time. Now you can already imagine solutions such obstacles could arise.

Visualize your good intentions

Make your good intentions visually! Consider photos or quotes that you give extra power when you need it. Hang it in a place where you often. So stand back you every time just reflect on your good intentions.

Take time

As we just said before, the conversion of other behaviors required in a practice about two months . Please take the time and accept that you just have to bite the bullet there!


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