Nancy Heijnis
17 mei 2019
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Just a few more weeks and then parade you on the beach again! High time that junk /cheat meals were banned from your feeding schedule. And by banned we don't mean delete, but correctly replaced! Suspending on calories often becomes a bit too literal taken. We starve ourselves to some quick results in the beginning yields, but often only in the form of moisture and muscle. One of the best ways to track correct nutritional intake is to download an app: for example MyFitnessPal .

The most common error that many athletes make is that carbohydrates and fats become radical in the diet scaled back. This is not necessary for anything. Plus, it makes you metabolism gets out of balance and it is "more economical" with your energy. Look therefore critical of calorie intake and provide healthy snacks at home or at work. Check out which bad nutrition you can replace with healthy snacks such as: protein bars without too much sugars, low-fat cottage cheese, unroasted nuts, oats & grains, vegetables in one hummus dip, vegetable chips or dried fruit.

Wondering how long it will take you reach your goal weight, and how many calories you can eat per day for that to obtain? There are several calorie websites where you can have this information calculated.


There are many carbohydrates different types, from simple to multiple carbohydrates. You body needs them for practically everything you do, whether active exercise, or just regulate your metabolism. Depending on you work, metabolism and physical exertion varies the need. If you eat few calories, if you diet for longer periods or if you are on strength training, the timing of the intake is extremely important. The rule of thumb is to get the majority of you (complex, = slow digesting) Schedule carbohydrates 1-2 hours before your workout and 30 minutes after your workout to fill in. This will cause the blood sugar level to spike temporarily, causing you have more energy during training and lose less muscle mass.


When you do a lot of strength training you will create extra muscle mass. Nice for your self-confidence of course, but you also increase your resting metabolism. Think of it as buying a "bigger one." car'. You will continue not only during exercise, but also during rest periods weight training burn more. During the training you make small cracks in your muscles that need to recover after training. This costs a lot energy for your body. The recovery will lead to increased burning that will last up to 24 hours after your workout. Another way to (temporarily) increase metabolism is to use "Energy boosters". Some energy boosters within our webshop are: Pre-workouts, L-carnitine /Burners and Diet Protein.

Of course you can increase the metabolism increase naturally. Plan a few briefly in your training schedule long (max 20-25min) HIT (high intensity) training with short rest periods. Experiment with different training forms and exercises or sports once on an empty stomach. The results will amaze you.


One of the most important things that many underestimate is: Drink water! Water is an indispensable fuel for you body. Without food, we as humans can survive for a while. Without water however, you can survive at most 4 days! A dehydration of "only" 2% is possible already provide an energy loss of up to 20% with fatigue as a result. In addition to fatigue, water has several other benefits. Drinking water causes your blood to dilute, causing body processes run more efficiently. Therefore, drink a glass of water immediately after you get up. Bet that you feel fitter for the rest of the day? It is recommended between 2-3 liters of water to drink per day. This equates to 1 glass of water every hour!

The more water you take, the more water your body is going to excrete. This gives you the effect that you get a drier "summer look" .

Drinking water often sounds boring, but that's not it. You can vary a lot with taste. Add BCCAs, currency, lemon or other fruits or order sugar-free sports drinks.


You are not the only one on this planet who works for the "perfect summer body". So grab your phone now and call your growth buddy. Suppose set your goals together. Setting and setting goals is the most simple step. The actual realization and maintenance is for athletes with a strong backbone. Set realistic goals together and share this with as many people as possible so that you have a big stick in the door. And you are not only: we've got your back! You make sure you achieve your goals realizes and we provide the right nutritional supplements.

Start here and end stronger, we at House of Nutrition hope you like your goals achieved for this summer!

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